Engraved Brick

Leave your mark at the Alliance Francaise de Denver!


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The construction of our new outdoor space at the Alliance Française de Denver is nearly complete.  We are offering the community the opportunity to show your support of French culture in Denver by sponsoring a brick. All tax-deductible brick donations will be used to further beautify our new patio.


Reserve a brick sooner rather than later!


We will only have a limited number of bricks available. The sooner you reserve a brick, the better the location of your brick.


How long until my brick is engraved and placed on the property?


The first bricks will be installed Fall 2015 between the planters and the front sidewalk. If more bricks are reserved than can fit in that area, other sites have been selected for future installations. Please use the form below, placing one character or space in each position (18 characters/spaces per line, 16 if engraving in all caps)


  • SHARE-A-BRICK [one line of a three line brick] – $50  


  • 4”x8” BRICK [3 lines line brick] – $100


  • 8”x8” BRICK [6 lines line brick] – $250


Download the form HERE.

Please call (303) 242-8147 or email marketmanager@afdenver.org if you have any questions.