The Alliance Française de Denver is also offering French classes online. You don't live in Colorado? Not a problem! Everyone is welcome to take French classes online with us. We have transitioned to TEAMS, a very simple videoconferencing software used by most schools for their online language classes. 

Why learn French with us?

Whether your interests are linguistic, cultural or professional, there is a course for you at Alliance Française de Denver! We have 4 sessions per year, (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall), but you can join anytime.

A wide variety of adult and kids French classes

More than 100 years of teaching expertise

From $14.50 per hour course fee

800+ Alliance Françaises around the world

Official certifications and diplomas 

Qualified French native teachers

Click here to see our full list of online classes Click here to see our full list of online classes

How do you join your online class or virtual event with Alliance Française de Denver?

Once you have signed up for an online class, you will receive an automated email as soon as you have been added to the student list.

After you receive this email, it is a good time to create a Microsoft account for free and download the free Microsoft TEAMS app on your device. You can use any email service provider (Yahoo, Gmail, AOL…) to create a Microsoft Account. Please make sure to sign up and sign in with the email address you used to register with the Alliance Française de Denver.  

You can join an online class even if you do not have a Microsoft Account or have not downloaded the Microsoft TEAMS app. However, for the best overall experience, we strongly recommend that you download Microsoft TEAMS app on your device. The app will allow you to chat with your teacher and fellow students, as well as share educational resources online.

PLEASE NOTE: If you decide not to download the TEAMS app, you will still be able to attend your online class or virtual event. However, you will have limited access to helpful tools like chat, whiteboard sharing, cloud space to share documents, etc.

When you downloaded the app on your device sign in and click on the Teams menu on the left to see your class.

By clicking on the dots next to your class and then “manage team,” you can see the list of students. In the Chat menu, you can start a private chat with fellow students, or your teacher. Finally, you will find educational material provided by your teacher in the Files menu.   

After your teacher schedules your class in TEAMS, you will receive an automated email notification with a link to join your class. Your browser will automatically prompt you to open the meeting in the TEAMS app if you have downloaded it. Once you have accepted the electronic invite, the link will also be available in the calendar attached to your email provider (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo…). If you did not receive the email notification, do not forget to check your spam folder.

Your teacher will resend the link the day before or on the day of your class. For online classes, the link sent before the first class will be valid for the entire session.

Before you can join the meeting, from your Browser or from the app, you will need to select your Audio source (usually it will be “Computer Audio”). The “Join now” button will not be active until you select an Audio source.  

 If you are experiencing difficulties to set up your Microsoft account or join a scheduled class or event, please feel free to call the front desk: +1 (303) 831-0304.

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"I loved taking an online class with Claudia! It was almost like we were still in class with hee AND as a bonus at the end we got to meet her cat!"
Student in Claudia's class
"TEAMS was a great platform for my conversation class. The teacher and all of my fellow students were visible on my screen, and everyone was distinctly audible."
Student in Antoine's class
"The online class was a great opportunity to learn French in the comfort of our own home while enjoying the interaction with other students through the video conference."
Student in Antoine's class


If you have taken French before, we suggest you take our FREE placement test to ensure you start at the right level. You can take the test directly online.


After taking an online written test you will be prompted to schedule an oral test over the phone with our Education Coordinator.


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