Recettes – Recipes January 15 – February 25 12:30-2:30 PM | TU | Denver


Let’s talk about recipes! Suitable for A2 levels.

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RECETTES – RECIPES (A2 and above) – 6 WEEKS

If you want to improve your culinary vocabulary and master the imperative mood, this workshop if for you! During the 5-week workshop, you will share recipes in French with other students.  This is not a cooking class, although you are welcome to cook at home and bring something you have baked/cooked from a recipe. Recipe instructions in French mostly use the imperative mode. This grammar point will be explained and reinforced throughout the workshop.

Every week, bring a recipe you wrote in French and share it with the class.  Recipes will be read out loud to correct the pronunciation, and sentences will be corrected as a group, so everyone can learn.

Your recipe might even be published in Pluma Magazine, a French platform for intermediate-to-advanced students.

This class is designed for A2 Upper Beginner students and higher.

MEMBERSHIP: As a membership based non-profit organization, we require that all students be members of Alliance Française de Denver. Our memberships are valid for one year.
NEW STUDENTS: If you have taken French before, we suggest you take our free placement test to ensure you are starting at the right level.

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