Learn French

French Language Classes in Denver, Boulder & Evergreen

The Alliance Française offers French classes in a friendly, intimate setting, with a class size of between 5 to 12 students. The Alliance Française staff of instructors are both native and non-native instructors who meet our qualification for native fluency and quality of education.

The instructors emphasize conversation and use a contextual approach to language learning, while conducting the classes almost entirely in French to maximize each student’s opportunity to practice.

Language classes at the Alliance Française cover 4 levels based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL): Beginner (A1.1 – A1.4), Beginner Intermediate (A2.1 – A2.4) and Intermediate (B1.1 – B1.4), Advanced Advanced (B2.1 – B2.4)


What Level Am I?

If you have taken French before, we suggest you take our free placement test to ensure you are starting at the right level. Click HERE to take our online placement test. Or, if you prefer, click HERE to open and print the placement test. If you select the printed version of the test, please email it to afd@afdenver.org.


Course Progression

What Does AFD Offer?

If you want to take a look at our progressions, class offerings and other services, please download our brand new PORTFOLIO!


Class Calendar 2017

  • Summer 2017:  
    • Intensive week : From June 26th to June 30th
    • Term dates : From July 3rd to September 16th
    • No classes on July 4th and September 4th – Monday classes will catch up on September 18th  and Tuesday classes will catch-up on September 19th


  • Fall 2017: 
    • Intensive week : From September 18th to September 22nd
    • Term dates : From September 25th to December 16th
    • No classes during Thanksgiving week from November 22nd to 25th