A Word from the Alliance Française de Denver in Response to Racial Injustice and Inequality

Chers amis francophones et membres de notre communauté,

The mission of the Alliance Française de Denver is to encourage the study of French and Francophone cultures and language, and foster cultural, intellectual, artistic, and friendly exchanges between the French-speaking world and our local community. The recent protests against racism and the violence in Denver, across the United States and internationally have forced us to pause and reflect on our immediate community, and the diversity of members it represents.

In this difficult and uncertain environment in our community and nationally, now more than ever, it is important to assert our commitment to our core values of equality, tolerance, diversity, and inclusivity. These core values are at the heart of our ethos as a cultural institution that seeks better understanding between peoples, cultures, and nations. Given these closely held values, we at the Alliance Française de Denver stand in solidarity and in support of the organizations, members of our community and individuals around the world that have added their voices to the fight against racism, violence and prejudicial treatment. It will take a lot of effort on our part, both as individuals and as a society, to protect these core values from becoming just a statement devoid of intent and meaning.

The Board of Directors

Alliance Française de Denver


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